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The original Weisse Maus was one of Berlin's most notorious late night spots during the Weimar era. Renowned for it's exclusivity this Cabaret had only 98 precious seats and the guests would wear a mask to hide their identity. The Weisse Maus was known for hosting some of Berlin's most raucous and debauched entertainment. Such as the infamous Anita Berber and her dancers of the damned.

Now exactly 100 years later we pay homage to this time of creativity and artistry from the modern day Libertines and free spirits of Berlin.

From the Creators of The House of Red Doors and some of Berlin's finest performance artists, chefs, musicians and sommeliers, we bring to you DIE WEISSE MAUS 2021.

Join our debauched and decadent cast and get lost in the world of 1920s Berlin. Party, feast and get dizzy with these beautiful creatures of Berlin's underworld. 


Opens Minds are a MUST! 


Immersive Dining

Kabarett & Supper Club

Immersive dining with bizarre, unique and boundary pushing performances.

Feast upon a lavish and decadent 3 or 4 course meal whilst the beautiful and damned cavort around you, in front of you, under you...

Be warned. This is an experience like no other! 


Feast on a 3 to 4 course meal created lovingly from some of Berlins top chefs and from an award winning kitchen. 

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We can't wait to welcome you to Weisse Maus...

All current safety restrictions and Covid guidelines will be followed throughout this experience. 

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