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BERLIN Dubbed the ‘Babylon of the 20s,’ the city centre flourished with youthful activity and explosive sexual freedom. Provocative cabaret shows, experimental drug use, nights of hedonistic partying, open and same-sex relationships all took centre stage in Berlin. 

The infamous Berlin nightspot on Friedrichstrasse, Die Weißse Maus The "White Mouse", opened in 1919. Guests would wear masks to obscure their identities as they enjoyed the evening fare.  

Die Weiße Maus (The White Mouse) was a play on the name of the very famous Parisian nightclub, Le Chat Noir (the Black Cat).

The Weisse Maus flourished during a time of great depression, as the arts exploded in Berlin the social and economical environment was not faring so well. This is why we pay homage to the great souls of this era as we know, maybe more than ever, the knock on effects of a pandemic and the need for freedom and expression. 

Sadly by 1923 the Weisse Maus closed it's doors, with the rise in Fascism and the Nazi party, Die Weisse Maus was only a fleeting  moment in Berlin's  history, but it's ripples and inspiration still lives strong within us. The Free Kultur Kids will revive it and we hope you will join us in the process.

We give thanks and admiration to those brave souls of over a century ago, the queer kids, the artists, the drag acts, the gender benders, the experimental performers and the revolutionaries that lot their lives to ignorance and hatred. We hope they serve as a stark reminder of what intolerance and discrimination can be and we sincerely hope we can change for a more tolerant and beautiful future  for all.

Thank you for being part of it.


Long Live Die Weisse Maus.

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